"I had to apply what I just learned in Association"

After Association my wife and I decided to get some dinner at our local Five Guys restaurant. While waiting for the order to be prepared I went next door to look at a shop. When I came back out an older woman was stepping up onto the sidewalk when she suddenly lost her footing and fell right on her face knocking it into the cement. I immediately started working. I went to her and asked if she was all right, and she implied that she was. But I noticed her nose was bleeding severely and realized my thought was now focusing on the blood. At that point I just had to apply what I just learned in Association: Go to God first and reverse thought of the material suggestion. At that point people started gathering around to see if she was all right. I went inside to get her some napkins and brought them to her.  I then went back inside the restaurant and both my wife and I continued to work for her through the prayer of love. When the ambulance showed up that was called by members of the restaurant the medics checked her pulse and cleaned her up but it was not necessary to take her to the hospital. It was a wonderful opportunity that reinforced what my wife and I had just learned at Association and we were grateful that God showed us how Science does benefit the whole world.