Sharing a testimony in the Reading Room

I’m a guest at this year’s Association.  While at the Reading Room, locating the testimonies listed in the compilation for the assignment this year, I came in contact with both Scientists and non-Scientists, including a rest home nurse who was clearly not familiar with Mrs. Eddy’s work.  While the woman she accompanied to the Reading Room was chatting with the attendant, the nurse sat down in the study and began leafing through a Bible.

I had just finished reading Frank Wise’s great and colorful testimony about alcoholism.  I was very taken with it—not only with what he said, but also with how he said it.  The nurse seemed to be just passing time, so I asked whether she would be interested in reading a very good Christian Science testimony from 1899.  She said yes, so I showed her where to start reading in Volume I of the Sentinel (The Christian Science WeeklyFebruary 23, 1899.)

About 15 minutes later, I finished my studying for the day and asked the nurse whether she wanted me to put away the large book, which occupied a spot on the very top shelf, about eight feet above the floor.  She said: “Oh, no. I want to keep reading these  testimonies.  They are very interesting.” So perhaps your assignment already has successfully reached out to others beyond the Association who can benefit from it.