"...what mortal mind calls contagion is the rise and fall of belief"

Dear Skip,

I have been working prayerfully regarding what has been termed an ebola virus outbreak, not only in Nigeria, but wherever it seems to be manifesting.

May I request specific metaphysical help for this issue from our Association?

I continue to be grateful that Christ is the only influence in human consciousness, and that Mrs. Eddy proved one and for all, that the Science of Christ is practical.

Warmly, Moji

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Association Family responses to call for prayer

Dear People,

I am grateful to you all for rising so quickly in thought to find the perfect Love that casts out fear. It is divine Love that meets every human need, and your continuing work and prayer bears witness to this Christianly scientific fact.

We will be glad to hear from anyone who wants to add to their thoughts or those who want to join in this “diapason of heart-beats.” (My 189:9)

With much affection, Skip

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"What a privilege to identify as a member of such a spiritually alert team."

Dear Skip,

The tremendous and strong metaphysical support of our Association family is deeply appreciated. More importantly, it is effective, whether it is sent in an email or entertained as a Christianly scientific healing thought. What a privilege to identify as a member of such a spiritually alert team. Thank you for your insight, foresight and practical love.

It is good to know I am part of this ‘diapason of heart-beats.’

I shall be in touch again soon.