To start off answering these questions, the definition of “new” needs to be examined.  One that seemed particularly appropriate was this, “Lately made, invented, produced or come into being; that has existed a short time only;”  In Christian Science, we are fortunate to have Mrs. Eddy’s writings in our library. Her deep and logical thoughts and explanations are at our fingertips, and most of us have read more than a few of her works.  Exposure to this way of thinking and reasoning, provides an extremely wide-cast net of thought. It becomes the basis of reasoning for its adherents, and so I’d venture to say that when something aligns with this basis, it rings true in our hearts and doesn’t feel “new” so much as confirmed (maybe the right word?).  Because if all that is real is eternal, then there is nothing “new” in reality--because if it follows the definition of “new” above, then it is unreal. Below I’ve written a syllogism that seems logical to me:

All that is real is eternal.

Anything “new” has existed a short time only.

Therefore, nothing “new” is real.

1. What are some of the typical old and repetitive things in human life that get reported as news? Anything that you're seeing and hearing in the news that actually feels new?

The news media reports on wars and political conflict, diet, exercise, and disease, technology and fashion, and speculative science.  This is what it has done for ages and what it will continue to do. Anything and everything negative in the news media, never feels “modern” or “unfamiliar” (two more definitions of the word “new”).  It always feels like a familiar repetition with slightly altered figures. 

The only news media that has caught my eye as interesting, are articles that go against the grain of assumed scientific knowledge.  For instance, a silly article I read that said something along the lines of, “A study has shown that eating pasta is not so bad after all...participants in study lose 1 lb. after eating pasta as their only carb intake for 12 weeks.”  How this interprets itself to me is that eventually it will be learned (although perhaps not understood) that food is not the culprit in the case of weight control. Perhaps a baby step in that direction? However, looking to the body alone will never explain why, and so even though this kind of “news” feels different, I know it is just another circular argument trying to understand how matter affects matter--which is the same old news-media story in the end.

It seems there are more and more instances of studies and reports that are pointing this general direction, however I feel they are only confirmations of things that we already know to be true, and merely seem like new information to mortal mind.

2. Would you say that the Science of Christianity is new? Tell us what's new about it.

John writes:  

"Brethren, I write no new commandment unto you, but an old commandment which ye had from the beginning. The old commandment is the word which ye have heard from the beginning.” (1 John 2:7)

“Christian Science is the new-old Christianity, that which was and is the revelation of divine Love.” (My. 301:3)

Christian Science is “new” to mortal mind.  It is a revolution to the status quo, the way the news media and society understand and explain the workings of the world (it has been for over 100 years).  However, it is the “new-old” Truth that has been ever-present. To call Christian Science new is like calling gravity new – Newton’s discovery of the law of gravity was new to mortal thought, but gravity had been around eternally before he wrote about it.  If we want to talk about the “newness” of Christian Science, it can only be in the context of how different it is from the point of view of mortal thought.

In this way, Mrs. Eddy’s words again express how Christian Science’s newness and utility can be explained: “If a postal service, a steam engine, a submarine cable, a wireless telegraph, each in turn has helped mankind, how much more is accomplished when the race is helped onward by a new-old message from God, even the knowledge of salvation from sin, disease, and death.” (’02 11:12)

To be concise, the part that is “new” or different from what the common thought knows and understands, is that Christian Science actually promises “salvation from sin, disease, and death,” here and now.  I am not aware of any other system of thought that even makes that claim before death. There are of course many tangents that go off from that statement, but to summarize, that would be what makes Christian Science so very “new” to public thought – ”new” as in, they may have never considered it before.

3. Share with us how Christian Science is bringing newness of life, new energies, new healing to you, your family, your patients, your church.

In the fall of 2016, the loveliness of my lovely little world felt like it had fallen apart.  I was fine physically, but my work-life, social circle that I had built for the last 3 years felt like it was ripped away when my company had massive layoffs.  I was left behind to continue work, but felt so sad that the entire team I had worked with long hours, and spent time with on weekends, and who had really become like a band of brothers to me (the good kind) would suddenly not be in my life every day.  And eventually not even on weekends as they all moved away to find new jobs. 

I wanted to leave too, and follow them and I paused and waited on God.  At first it seemed as though things would move me on very quickly, but that didn’t end up to be the case.  I stayed where I was and the work and general day-to-day life seemed to have lost their sparkle. My friends moved on, found great jobs, but we all stayed in good contact.  It’s funny how geographic separation made us closer in a lot of ways. But the friendships are special which is what I knew in my heart and why I’m both surprised and not surprised, at the same time.  

I found this article from a 1929 Sentinel issue to be extremely comforting--though perhaps a little outdated: In our prayers of Thanksgiving this week let us thank God…

A year and a half later, I have finally moved on from that job.  But during those 18 months, I was working things out. I made new friends, began volunteering with a tutoring organization and developed a special friendship with a family I worked with through the organization.  It all culminated in my preparation to move on to this new job. I worked hard not to stagnate, even though it felt like it was hard to overcome. Christian Science, the law of God was my support and my internal guide that told me when I was on the right path.

I waited and listened for God’s direction, and he directed each step.  How beautifully he has directed them! Every aspect of the move from my lease expiration date, to helping a co-worker regain their position by creating an opening, to dates aligning, to storage unit locations near my new apartment, to the week I decided to begin work, to salary negotiation, to philosophical alignment with my new CEO’s approach to business, getting along with my new co-workers, and the ratio of female-male colleagues, to being near my old friends again.  There are too many good aspects to even recount here – and it’s all because I did not listen to mortal mind – or the many minds that offered me well-meaning advice. I am reminded of the “pausing” Mrs. Eddy talks about: 

Through the wholesome chastisements of Love, we are helped onward in the march towards righteousness, peace, and purity, which are the landmarks of Science. Beholding the infinite tasks of truth, we pause, – wait on God. Then we push onward...(SH 323:6-10)

I am very excited as I begin this new adventure.  My work is invigorating and exciting, church will be a fresh start, and life seems “new” and sparkly again.