"I was quiet, praying and endeavoring just to live Science."

Both my daughter and I remained calm; she pulled off the highway and soon found a large driveway to pull into so we could take care of the baby and clean things up. A woman from the house called out asking if she could help us. She spontaneously came right out with water, paper towels and a plastic bag, all perfectly meeting our needs. It was hard to miss the fact that God was so beautifully taking care of us in our need.
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"Well, let's pray."

My boyfriend and I were on our way to church one Wednesday evening when he mentioned that his knee was hurting for no apparent reason.  I said something about feeling achy all day as well.  “Well, let’s pray,” I said.  We took a few moments to pray quietly at the sidewalk.  I don’t know what ideas he was working with, but I prayed with the “scientific statement of being” (S&H 468:8-15) — simply affirming that we were both spiritual, not a bunch of aching matter.  These prayers lasted no more than two minutes, and then we continued on our way.  About 15 minutes later, my boyfriend said to me, “The pain in my knee is all gone!”  He then said that it had gone away immediately but that he had waited to say something.  I realized that all my aches were gone, too.  I gave a testimony about the healings at church. We were both very grateful!

“The picture had gone from grim to healed (and glorious) in less than a week."

I got a call late one night from a woman I have worked for in the past. She is a dedicated student of Christian Science who lives in a different part of the country. We have never met. She called to say that her pregnant daughter-in-law who is not a Christian Scientist had been taken to the hospital and diagnosed with spinal meningitis. The prognosis was grim, for both her and her unborn child… She didn’t have any of her books with her, her son is not a practicing Christian Scientist at the moment — and she was frightened by the sense of looming doom.
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“I held my ground…with what I was knowing of the spiritual scene.”

Shortly before I left to attend Association meeting this year, I got a call from a frantic dad whose son was very ill. He was also in the middle of his final year examinations in high school. The dad thought, from the symptoms presenting, that his son was suffering from acute malaria fever. He requested that I take the case, and I agreed to give Christian Science treatment.
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“the simplicity of the angel thought that came delighted me”

I realized that I was beginning in a place of real trust that the healing could take place. Reading the many healings that have been part of Association assignments helped a lot, as did some recent healings of my own. I knew that although the “thought-taking” of the coach’s recommendations had been completely ineffective, we could see divine Love lift us right out of a gloomy mortal picture. I reached out with unreserved yearning to know what God was knowing about my daughter at that moment, and the simplicity of the angel thought that came delighted me: “She is not injured.”
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My healing

One day I was baking some crackers with hot boiling water in a 350° oven to make candy.  I went to pull the pan from the oven with one hand (the one holding the pot holder), but it slipped away from me and fell into the oven.  The oven started smoking up.  I knew I had to pull the pan out instantly or there would be a fire.  I didn’t have time to get another pot holder.  I quickly grabbed the pan with my bare hands.  As I did this I began to declare that God doesn’t feel pain and so neither can I as His reflection.  I was able to put the pan on top of the stove.  Also, I thought about Shadrach, Meschach, and Abed-nego (Daniel 3) which happened to be in the Bible Lesson that week.  I looked at my hand.  There were no blisters and no burns.  I was so grateful, all I could say was, “thank you God.”   I was so thrilled about this healing. 

“I needed to get up and work.”

On the morning of Springtime Tallahassee, (an annual event with a fair, a parade and a race) I was awakened early by lightning and thunder. I sleepily declared that God governed the weather. After continued lightening and thunder it became apparent to me that I needed to get up and work. I started by reading the Bible Lesson and continuing to recognize God as governing the weather.
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I learnt something doing a talk

I had my cell phone with me and twice I went to text a practitioner to ask for immediate help but both times I thought “no, God is here…right here and immediate.” Before Association I’d been reading thoroughly a couple of old Association Addresses, particularly the one that dealt with Soul and I’d gained a clearer sense that God is right here and is the only Mind and Soul that I have, instantly accessible.
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“I am already perfectly weighed.”

When it was first announced on Association Day that our next assignment was to go out and heal I was very excited. No more were we being instructed to read about Christian Science healing but to now go out and demonstrate it on our own. This was exciting because healing is our purpose after all. However it did not take more than a day for a little fear to set in. Fear that I would not experience any healings or be given the opportunity to heal others. What I was soon to find out in a few days time was that I was right in the midst of a year long healing!
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“I felt led to say that quick healing is to be expected and we both needed to work.”

An Association classmate called me with a long-standing problem with his arm (not able to really use it).  He was under pressure to heal it, since he was going away on a trip that would require a great deal of arm use.  I felt led to say that quick healing is to be expected and we both needed to work.  Things were improving after three days and on the fourth day he was completely healed (just before his trip). He had no problems doing the required activity.

Another call also involved long-standing arm damage and pain.  Work went on for a while but a complete healing was reported. In fact it is something that the patient has reminded me of because there has been no recurrence.

In my family, my daughter was overcome by severe panic, headaches and difficulty breathing. She asked me to work. As I sat down to ONLY keep my thought on God (the only healer), she interrupted me after a few seconds. I asked what was up? She said, it completely went away.