“30 days ago God sent me a message it was time to move”

30 days ago God sent me a message it was time to move back to where we came from.  Last year where we lived was not right, but to move would mean breaking a two-year lease.

25 days ago I found a new house that I could move to in our old neighborhood.  The owner let me go into it with minimal hassle.  He gave me the home on a handshake, and we moved in this Monday.

In order to break my lease I was going to have to pay two months rent as well as find somebody to rent it for the duration of the lease.  It rented in 15 days and he gave me my money back yesterday; the new people move in today.

I had to find thousands of dollars to move – I listed my mom’s piano on Craig’s List and sold it in two days at the exact amount of money to move, plus security deposit…they also had to get it out for me to move – in five days.  They did.

I moved Monday – went to work each day and got my children comfy.  I was also able to board a plane today to come…giving me over 24 hours of peaceful-time to study before Association.

God is great!!