“I held my ground…with what I was knowing of the spiritual scene.”

I find that our assignment this year, to witness more actual healing in Christian Science, makes sure I do not overlook what mortal mind may try to becloud.  Gratitude for every healing I experience or witness, brings even more healing, or opens my eyes to see clearer how constantly Christ is correcting false human beliefs.

Shortly before I left to attend Association meeting this year, I got a call from a frantic dad whose son was very ill.  He was also in the middle of his final year examinations in high school.  The dad thought, from the symptoms presenting, that his son was suffering from acute malaria fever.  He requested that I take the case, and I agreed to give Christian Science treatment.  I knew it was important to quiet, not only my thought, but also the dad’s, so he to could be more receptive to the Christ message.

I prayed diligently and earnestly to see through the various lies that mortal mind was throwing up so aggressively - of delirium and appetite loss; and I was calmly certain of God’s presence and love governing the case.  The son is legally a minor, but he was clear that he wanted to rely solely on Christian Science.  I also expected a quick healing.

For four days, the physical picture tried to tempt us into believing that there was no progress, but I held my ground as firmly as I could with what I was knowing of the spiritual scene. Then suddenly, he was well.  We all rejoiced, and I left to attend our meeting in Boston.

A few Wednesdays later, I was at the testimony meeting of my branch church, when the dad got up to give a testimony about the healing.  It was so obvious to all of us there that he could not wait to testify.  His overflowing joy was a lesson to us all. His first words revealed an unequivocal conviction that Christian Science works.  Then he went on to relate the healing of his son.  It seemed new and fresh and vital to me, even though I had been the practitioner on the case.  He mentioned, how, during one of our talks, I had spoken about the need to forgive.  I truly cannot remember saying that.  But this meant a lot to him, because he said he had been harboring unforgiveness against a relative for years, and was healed of it that night. It broke the mesmerism.  In the morning, by his testimony, his son was eating like a horse.  The boy did not miss one single day of his examinations either.

What this taught me is that we really are “a transparency for Spirit,” as was so clearly expounded in our Association address this year.  I am learning that God knows every need of His children, and the receptive heart is a transparency through which God’s loving answer is heard by the listening ear.  Hymn 9 from the Christian Science Hymnal says in verse 3, that God knows the angel messages we need, and He, not the practitioner, sends them to the waiting thought.  God is the Healer in every case.