"Well, let's pray."

My boyfriend and I were on our way to church one Wednesday evening when he mentioned that his knee was hurting for no apparent reason.  I said something about feeling achy all day as well.  “Well, let’s pray,” I said.  We took a few moments to pray quietly at the sidewalk.  I don’t know what ideas he was working with, but I prayed with the “scientific statement of being” (S&H 468:8-15) — simply affirming that we were both spiritual, not a bunch of aching matter.  These prayers lasted no more than two minutes, and then we continued on our way.  About 15 minutes later, my boyfriend said to me, “The pain in my knee is all gone!”  He then said that it had gone away immediately but that he had waited to say something.  I realized that all my aches were gone, too.  I gave a testimony about the healings at church. We were both very grateful!