"This chapter is uncontainable, boundless, and wholly original."

I love this assignment. "Creation" has long been my favorite chapter in the textbook, Science and Health, by Mrs. Eddy, which is saying a lot considering that the book as a whole is the "final revelation" of Truth.  In fact, I was reading "Creation" this evening when the thought came to me to check my email to see if the topic letter had arrived. And so imagine my delight when I reached the assignment, which I was already in the midst of!

Here are my first thoughts on the first two questions:

  1. For there to be a creation, there must first be a creator. Since God is the Creator, Creation is what God does. It's how he expresses His nature, His infinite love, wisdom, light, truth, beauty, peace, power, joy, harmony, and sheer goodness.  Creation is the outcome of Soul's creative action!
  2. The chapter is completely alive and powerfully expansive. It is itself a creation – the outflow of Mrs. Eddy's deep spiritual response to what the Creator reveals concerning His Creation. The chapter of an academic book – any academic book – is contained and defined by an academic framework. But this chapter is uncontainable, boundless, and wholly original. Every paragraph opens astonishing new views of reality as conceived and revealed by infinite, omniscient Mind. I am grateful for this chapter, which has enlarged my spiritual horizons and immeasurably enriched my experience, and I am grateful for the Creator's Creation!