“So I came to an infinite, always has been, always will be universe which can only be contained in the Mind of God.”

1.   What do you feel the word creation implies?  

At first, I got all caught up in the idea of creating as a verb.  There were a few useful thoughts, such as newness as opposed to replication.  Then it struck me that the word you asked us about is creation, a noun, a thing rather than an action.  That started my thoughts in a different direction, toward an already existing state of being which contains all that is with no duplication.  I am the only one of me there ever was or will be.  Each of us is distinct and individual.  The immensity and scope of that is infinite.  So I came to an infinite, always has been, always will be universe which can only be contained in the Mind of God.  There it is then – creation is Mind.  

2.  In your own words describe your impressions of the chapter “Creation” in Science and Health.

In brief, it is short and powerful.  “God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis.” (SH 258:13-15)  For me, that sentence pretty much sums up the whole chapter.  It’s about active, limitless, ever-forward momentum.  Reading this chapter spurs me on to get going on being.  

3.  How can the increased understanding of true creation make a difference in your life?  Better yet, share with us how the truth of creation has been, or is being, demonstrated in your life.

My husband and I are in the process of a move.  The house is on the market and, once it sells, we’ll start looking for our next one.  I know that patience is a virtue – unfortunately, it usually is not one of mine.  It isn’t so much that I want things, it’s more that I’m not good at handling uncertainty.  I like decisions.  I knew that there was no guarantee that our house would sell quickly and I knew that impatience wouldn’t help, so I began working, even before the house was listed, on the idea of harmony.  I worked on the thought that our right place and time already exist in God’s plan – they are part of His creation.  I thought about heaven being my true home, complete and ready for me.  I haven’t even had to learn patience; it has come naturally.  The freedom from stress and anxiety has made it possible to really enjoy the house we live in now and be grateful for it for as long as we are here.  That’s a huge change for me.