“God ‘IS’ so we ‘are’”

1. The word creation relates to our human ability to understand spiritual concepts. The spiritual facts have always existed but to our human senses, we have a vague perception of them. “Creation” is one word and concept to help explain who we are.  

2. My impression of this chapter is to have an explanation of where we came from or how we got here and where we’re going. Answering questions like who we’ve descended from. The chapter explains that we really didn’t “start” anywhere or have any kind of beginning. Is that even possible from a material standpoint? From the spiritual viewpoint, which is really the only viewpoint there is, we don’t have to worry about starting, finishing, creating or losing anything. Birth and death are no longer a part of our existence. God “IS” so we “are”.  At first thought, this can be confusing because our senses tell us that everything has its roots in time and has a beginning and ending but this is why we study and pray every day.

3. Creation is being demonstrated in my life in different ways. Probably one of the clearest ways is that it has helped me not feel so attached to people and human events. At different times in my life I’ve felt left out of life or that I wish I was somewhere else rather than being right where I am. The quote on pg. 261 of Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy, has been a real help to me and I was starting to wonder about this concept before reading it. “Breaking away from the mutations of time and sense, you will neither lose the solid objects and ends of life nor your own identity.” Recently I’ve wondered how I could help people who I know, especially if a neighbor has had a stroke and is going through some hard times but is not a Christian Scientist or if I don’t really see eye to eye with someone at church. How do I think correctly or spiritually about people who haven’t asked me to pray for them or for events that seem to be out of my control? One answer comes from the “Creation” chapter.  It explains that God “corrects error with truth” pg. 259. I can’t pray directly for others without their consent however, I can correct my own thought even if I’m not humanly present, which in turn gives God the precedence (and we know what happens at this point). Understanding just a little bit how prayer works in this way is so freeing. In this way the truth of creation is being demonstrated in my life and I know I’m being blessed under any circumstance.