“Creation is immortality, purity, perfection, completion, satisfaction, wholeness.”

 (1) What do you feel the word creation implies?  

Creation is God’s work – how God causes man to exist, how God shapes him and cares for him. God spoke, commanded, and formed existence and being – divine Mind’s ideas reflecting the substance of Soul, vitality, and joy. Man’s reflected being is the sum of all goodness and love. Creation is spiritual reality as radiated and revealed from its divine source – eternity and infinity represented in each of Mind’s ideas. Creation is immortality, purity, perfection, completion, satisfaction, wholeness. Creation implies an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God loving and supporting His children in the kingdom of heaven, ruling with harmony, Principle, wisdom, and compassion. Creation is never separate from its creator, its source and protector.    


(2) In your own words describe your impressions of the chapter “Creation” in Science and Health.

The chapter “Creation” lays an axe at the root cause of human suffering – the belief that man is material, born into and dying out of a matter body with limitations and a misguided human sense of ego – importance, pride, intelligence, and desire. Belief in the origin of man as material allows mortal mind to control man’s happiness, freedom, and satisfaction. Human theories of creation, production, and conception limit man’s ability to understand his true spiritual nature and demonstrate the Science of Christ, Truth. How we identify ourselves is critical to our understanding of God and His limitless blessings for His creation.  

All discord is a false sense of man’s origin, so we must begin rightly – with a spiritual, infinite conception of God. We must start with, awake to, the spiritual facts of creation – perfect God and perfect man. Mind’s creation is spiritual, complete, perfect, and our grasp on this fact expands our consciousness to clearly see man’s limitless immortality. There is no shadow of mortality to enslave man to mortal belief and theories. All things are spiritually created and maintained. Inexhaustible Love, eternal Life, omnipotent Truth – these comprise man’s nature and character, a reflection of his Father-Mother’s completeness and undeniable blessings.    


(3) How can the increased understanding of true creation make a difference in your life?  Better yet, share with us how the truth of creation has been, or is being, demonstrated in your life.

Increasing my understanding of creation is helping me see through the lies of mortal mind and animal magnetism. The subtlety with which mortal mind would have us accept common beliefs about life, happiness, pleasure and satisfaction must be identified and guarded against. Digging deeper into this chapter is a call to be watching and working to defend myself against error and challenge what I accept to be true about man. I’m realizing that this is not just needed, but God created and caused me to be a witness to His work, supremacy and wisdom. My purpose is to fully express my divine nature and to share that with the world, to demonstrate Truth through understanding my true being – man’s real, spiritual existence.

These ideas have been an enormous blessing in thinking and praying about my mom’s passing. I have still struggled to find complete freedom from grief though huge strides have been made during the past couple of years.  

Focusing on the idea of spiritual creation, I awoke to the realization that I have been tacitly believing in material birth and death. In accepting my mom’s human birth and death as her true being, I have been allowing the human story to dictate and control my own peace and freedom from grief, depression and sadness. In accepting (not being firm in denying this claim) the material sense of love and being, I am tacitly accepting it for myself as well – accepting that God’s ideas are separate from Life, Spirit, Love, and also separate from each other; tacitly accepting that she exists in another matter realm where I cannot know her. This passage was particularly enlightening: “Man is not absorbed in Deity, and man cannot lose his individuality, for he reflects eternal Life; nor is he an isolated, solitary idea, for he represents infinite Mind, the sum of all substance.” (SH 259:1)  

Man is not a solitary idea because we all represent the infinite sum of all substance. We are all connected to God, Spirt, Life, Love, and therefore, my mom does not exist separate from these truths just the same as me. In cherishing the true conception of being, of God’s creation, I am finding more joy and freedom.  

I’m so grateful for this assignment, and I’m looking forward to the continuing unfoldment of spiritualizing thought and desire.