“How I am demonstrating the truth of Creation right now is more about yielding than flying.”

 1)    Creation implies something made, and taking it further, there is nothing but divine Mind so it’s more about seeing what is.  If “Mind is within and without all thing…” then creation is the divine Being and we represent that Being through reflection. (SH, p. 257)  Creation is the magnificent realization of God’s presence and power everywhere.


 2)    I’m getting a deeper understanding that creation is what is truly going on and the passages are taking on new meaning to me.  It isn’t just familiar comforting passages sounding great, even making good sense.  I think, ok but how are they relevant to this really serious problem.  One Creator and one spiritual Creation that’s all there is.  This has nothing to do with mortal persons and things so there is no “really serious problem.”  Ok, I admit I was a little disquieted about the part in the chapter that says life without personal friends is a blank and being alone.  (p. 266) Then I thought, we are each individual and at one with God, the divine All, so how could we be without anything worthwhile.  What is better than perfection, harmonious being, holiness?      


3)    “Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity”, trials bless us, all these sayings have not always been what I wanted to hear and I wasn’t entirely clear on the good they heralded.  Now I see everything is God’s goodness and when a supposed problem exists it is an opportunity to correct a misunderstanding I have about God, see the true perfection right there where something else seems to be.  I pray to see more of this Truth in everything I do, in the medical impositions people share with me, in the predictions that cause fear.  Reversing the untrue leads to the Truth.  No wonder Mrs. Eddy told us to “watch”.  It is only by seeing this human experience as a shadow of the true original and replacing it with what we see as truly going on and we the evidence of it.  God is the only Life, our Life, unfolding heaven and earth, one Creation.  How I am demonstrating the truth of Creation right now is more about yielding than flying.  I do sooner head for the mountain view when confronted with problems.  I am grateful for more dominion and less fear.  I am catching myself before I let situations take away my peace or cause an angry reaction.  I am claiming my holy selfhood more by denying past human history and human personality definitions.  Man is divine Love’s reflection and I am claiming it for myself and everyone.