"When we lift our thought to view this chapter from a purely spiritual standpoint we begin to grasp the enormity of what MBE discovered.”

1.    What do you feel the word creation implies?

To me, creation refers to all that is real and substantial, including the process by which that is real and substantial is created.


2.    In your own words describe your impressions of the chapter “Creation” in Science and Health.

In this assignment, it quickly became clear that if we view creation from a human viewpoint, we will never understand this chapter. We will always find ourselves trying to understand Mrs. Eddy’s extraordinary revelation – an eternal, infinite, spiritual creation – within the limited framework of a “beginning and an end”. It is only when we lift our thought to view this chapter from a purely spiritual standpoint can we begin to grasp the enormity of what she discovered ¬– the eternality of all creation. Life is God, and creation is the eternal self-expression of the one, infinite Mind – a radically different view. This expression is purely spiritual, ever present, eternally complete, wherein there is no beginning or end, no growth, evolution, accretion, development or stasis, just the harmonious unfolding of each eternal, perfect spiritual idea according to God’s plan. Creation is God, divine Love loving His/Her infinite individuality in limitless perfect ideas. It is home.

To help us understand this further, Mrs. Eddy contrasts this remarkable “new reality” to the human viewpoint where creation seems to be a limited, time-related lineal process. In this limited, mortal view, everything is seen as having a beginning and an end, never being perfect or complete. Creation is also seen to be governed by random, inconsistent and imperfect laws defined by the five senses. It’s as though she’s presenting a very clear choice - a view that leads “into the deep waters of chaos, [darkness] and old night” (SH, p. 570), or by spiritually transforming our thought, to find the view wherein we are that “infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis”. (SH, p. 258)

In this spiritually rising thought we are not discovering some new reality, but are awakening to find the infinite perfection that has always been right here. This awakening sometimes seems to come in big steps, sometimes in very small, but inherently we know they are all sure steps in the right direction, leading us further into “Thy light… [where we] shall we see light”.

As I worked further with this assignment, I also began to wonder if this chapter is not the cornerstone of Science and Health – the foundational chapter in which Mrs. Eddy presents the true spiritual foundation of all reality which she then expands upon in greater detail in the next chapter, Science of Being, particularly in the 32 sections of the platform. I’m now wondering if the chapters leading up to Creation and Science of Being address specific issues or knowledge we first need to grasp in order to truly understand spiritual creation, while the chapters following provide us with the knowledge of “how to” learn, practice and teach this Science, with the Fruitage section offering clear proofs of the efficacy and power behind this “Christian Science”. To me, this new view suggests a whole new level of order, connectedness and richness in Science and Health I had not perceived before.


3.    How can the increased understanding of true creation make a difference in your life?  Better yet, share with us how the truth of creation has been, or is being, demonstrated in your life.

For me, there has been welcome fruitage since beginning this assignment:

  • First, I have seen a positive change in my study of the weekly Bible Lessons. The work has become significantly richer, deeper and more meaningful. Each study session now seems less repetitive, less “work”, more original and far more joyful. A welcomed change.
  • Next, we have seen the healing of our financial needs (outlined in earlier fruitage) continue to grow to where we now are able to share it and help others in our family.
  • I also had two very specific healings during this period - both occurred while we were visiting our son in another state. He and I had planned a day of skiing, and on our drive up we became stalled in a very long line of vehicles at about the 6000’ level, trying to get through heavy snow. It was interesting to me that while we had a proper vehicle and equipment for this environment, both of us at almost the same moment turned to the other and said, “You know, let’s turn around now and go back down.” There seemed to be a little urgency in my thought, so we did, and on the way down we both shared how we were not concerned about the snow, but about the rain and the potential for mudslides below. When we got home, we found out the route we had been on was now closed due to a major mudslide in a very narrow canyon we had gone through about 15-20 minutes before the slide occurred (and it remained closed for several weeks). Interestingly, our son later learned that the exact spot where we had been waiting in line also collapsed.
  • While waiting at the 6000’ level, I also noticed I was not feeling well – the claim seemed to be one of altitude, age and so-called physical conditioning. So when we headed back up to a different area a few days later, I spent some quiet time listening for the truth about these claims. The ski area we were going to was even higher, with skiing at the 8,000-10,000 ft. levels. Two thoughts came – first, God knows nothing about altitude, age and conditioning – he knew me to be perfect, just as He created me and all, and there was never a place or condition where I could be outside of His constant care. The second had to do with inspiration – that inspiration has nothing to do with the intake of air, but all to do with “taking in” God’s moment by moment loving care for each of us. I knew I reflected His strength, wisdom, perfect condition, ageless life and joy, and stayed with these thoughts throughout the morning. By the end of the first run all symptoms had totally disappeared, and I spent the whole day skiing with joy (and with no “time outs”) some of the most strenuous terrain I had ever experienced. My son (not a Christian Scientist) even remarked how fast I had “adapted” to the altitude. It was a great day spent with a wonderful son we don’t get to see very often!