“I’m not in a battle with what everybody else thinks anymore.”

Thank you for this assignment. I was struck by the sweetness of the testimonies. Revisiting history has a way of making things seem sweeter, clearer, or easier to handle than current things are. Even the most challenging situation has a nostalgia about it; places that were so bleak and foreboding seem like home. There’s a Soul-sense of appreciation aroused throughout. I love the simplicity and candor. Such deep sincerity.
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I have been working on my assignment most of the afternoon. And that was only in answer to question #1!

In all honesty, do you feel differently about Christian Science healing and your own practice of C.S. after completing the reading?

Reading the compilation of testimonies has already helped my own Christian Science nursing practice. Prior to receiving the assignment, I had for many months gone to bed by reading testimonies from the bound volumes.

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Each testimony is unique in the spiritual lesson and truth it conveys

First off, thank you very much for this gift. It is truly the best gift I could have received. I will have to re-read it because there are so many different points and healings to take in.

I would have read all of it the very first day, but instead I made myself space out my reading over a number of days. This proved to be an especially good idea, because the testimonies were so thought-provoking and heart-warming that reading only a couple each day was enough to give me inspiration throughout the entire day. These testimonies gave me strength and courage to go forward with my daily activities. In fact, I would save time to read the testimonies during a period in the day when I most needed inspiration and confidence to continue going forward.

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The healing of a tumor illustrates the “serious practicality of Christian Science practice”

Here are my conclusions drawn from reading the compilation of testimonies you sent:

I. My initial reaction is of the critical importance of turning to God first, immediately, and under all circumstances. Irrespective of the nature or severity of the claim, turn only to God’s loving care. I thought the accident examples were dramatic proofs of this.

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“All healings should seem normal and natural”

I’ve just finished reading all the testimonies you sent. A HUGE thank you!

Yes, they made a difference in my thinking and expectations. The most dramatic account for me stated in the first paragraph, “at this time I was an albino.”  Knowing where it must be headed, I gasped out loud and clasped my hand to my mouth and had tears in my eyes. I realized afterwards how I was showing my lack of understanding. All healings (even this one) should seem normal and natural and not shocking or even surprising.

“Healing does take place despite the fact that I’m not a perfect human being”

The compilation of testimonies sent is a treasure. I find it to be a mental leaven transforming thought with the freshness and power of “What cannot God do?”

In direct response to the first question of our assignment, here are some of the ways in which the reading of the testimonies is making me “feel differently about Christian Science healing and [my] own practice.”

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