Millions of unprejudiced minds

This was shared with me by a fellow teacher.  Aside from its thoughtful recommendations, it is indicative of a growing trend towards Christian Scientist’s willingness to share and more opportunities to do so, as was so evident at our lunchtime gatherings several years ago on the subject of sharing C.S.  I also heard recently of a fellow teacher’s conversation on a plane with someone who became quite interested in the book she was reading—Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, of course.  And the result was that Christian Scientist mailed a new copy to the woman who was eagerly looking forward to reading it. 

“We are all capable of more than we do. The influence or action of Soul confers a freedom, which explains the phenomena of improvisation and the fervor of untutored lips.” (S&H 89:21)

We can let the wisdom of divine Mind and the inspiration of divine Soul guide us, right where we are.  Divine Love is  –  always protecting us, always directing us, and always guiding us. 

Example:  I was at a coffee shop visiting with a patient.  When the patient left, a stranger came over and asked for prayer. She said she had heard the word “prayer” and wanted me to pray for her too.  I closed my eyes and started praying quietly and then the woman took my hand.  She then asked, “Are you praying yet? I can’t hear you.”  I humbly and prayerfully reached out to the Father and while holding this woman’s hand, I spoke softly and prayed. We then had a lovely conversation. The stranger (no longer) left with my copy of Science and Health.

Are we being “stingy” with our Love and Truth?

Trust the Father to give you the inspiration, the prayers, the words and deeds…to help the stranger…to reach out to the hungering world thought. 

Bring your sense of “Truth” with you everywhere…
Bring your sense of “peace” with you everywhere…
Bring your sense of “love” with you everywhere…
Bring your sense of “home” with you everywhere…

November 2012

Early one Friday morning I was feeling a great deal of fear regarding some work assignments I had later that day. The fears were really unfounded, as I had worked in similar capacities before, but that didn’t matter, as the fears seemed great.

I turned to the Science portion of the chapter “Science, Theology, Medicine” in Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, and began reading. I have loved gaining more of Mrs. Eddy’s message to us about her discovery and revelation in this chapter. It wasn’t until the last page, however, that I found the answer I needed.

I had been considering calling into work to say I wouldn’t be able to come in. But I read these lines: “It is vain to speak dishonestly of divine Science, which destroys all discord, when you can demonstrate the actuality of Science” (S&H 130:7–9). During the last few weeks I had been demonstrating the actuality of Science in some significant ways, so it was really vain of me to think that I couldn’t trust Truth in this work situation, and I didn’t want to speak dishonestly of divine Science in doing so. In all honesty, there wasn’t a hugely logical or constructed consideration of these lines. Instead, it was more of a sense of God’s light washing over me, quelling any sense that I needed to call in to work or that I couldn’t have my freedom. Although I still felt some fear and worry, I was on more solid ground.

It felt right to call a practitioner, who stayed on the phone with me for a full 45 minutes. This seems like a really long time to be on the phone with a practitioner, but she calmed my fears in many ways with the truths that were shared. I certainly continued praying after the phone call, but also read the Bible Lesson, took a walk, and felt increasingly more my joyous self.

I did go to work that afternoon and worked late into the evening. I didn’t feel a sense of nervousness or intimidation in going to work. And my work reflected this, with more dominion, gratitude, and healing. The next day when I went to work, the fears were greatly diminished and the lessons and ideas that I had been cherishing were really at the forefront of thought. It was a joyous evening.

I love that Association is right with us throughout the year, and it was a place to turn again that early morning when I so very much needed it.

June 2012

…about the testimonies we sent out to you for an assignment last year.  In fact, I keep going back to them for different reasons.  I’ve referred to them a number of times, in connection with my own Christian Science practice.  Sometimes I’ve mentioned one of the testimonies to someone who had a similar need or just by way of encouragement.  Recently I was struck by how a simple sentence in a testimony takes on incredibly powerful meaning, when you know the healing the testifier was telling about.  For example:

(1) There was this sentence: “No matter how impossible any healing may seem to human standards, divine Truth is constantly in operation.”  It could seem a slightly conventional sounding kind of sentence.

So what was the person healed of???  Well, she was healed of a cleft palate after many years.

(2) Here’s another: “Truth again proved itself victorious.”   Nice sentence.  Maybe she was healed of tendency to have colds.  No!  She was healed of gallstones when the doctor said she could not live through the night.  But why did she say again proved itself victorious?  Because she had been healed of blindness and albinism earlier.

(3) “The practitioner worked faithfully trying to make me understand the unreality of my belief.”  What was the belief?  Well, it was doctor-diagnosed cancer of the throat.

 (4) “To my joy I was healed in one treatment.  Is not this beautiful?”  What she was healed of in one treatment was a malignant growth, when the doctor had said there was no hope for her.

- Skip