November 2012

Early one Friday morning I was feeling a great deal of fear regarding some work assignments I had later that day. The fears were really unfounded, as I had worked in similar capacities before, but that didn’t matter, as the fears seemed great.

I turned to the Science portion of the chapter “Science, Theology, Medicine” in Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, and began reading. I have loved gaining more of Mrs. Eddy’s message to us about her discovery and revelation in this chapter. It wasn’t until the last page, however, that I found the answer I needed.

I had been considering calling into work to say I wouldn’t be able to come in. But I read these lines: “It is vain to speak dishonestly of divine Science, which destroys all discord, when you can demonstrate the actuality of Science” (S&H 130:7–9). During the last few weeks I had been demonstrating the actuality of Science in some significant ways, so it was really vain of me to think that I couldn’t trust Truth in this work situation, and I didn’t want to speak dishonestly of divine Science in doing so. In all honesty, there wasn’t a hugely logical or constructed consideration of these lines. Instead, it was more of a sense of God’s light washing over me, quelling any sense that I needed to call in to work or that I couldn’t have my freedom. Although I still felt some fear and worry, I was on more solid ground.

It felt right to call a practitioner, who stayed on the phone with me for a full 45 minutes. This seems like a really long time to be on the phone with a practitioner, but she calmed my fears in many ways with the truths that were shared. I certainly continued praying after the phone call, but also read the Bible Lesson, took a walk, and felt increasingly more my joyous self.

I did go to work that afternoon and worked late into the evening. I didn’t feel a sense of nervousness or intimidation in going to work. And my work reflected this, with more dominion, gratitude, and healing. The next day when I went to work, the fears were greatly diminished and the lessons and ideas that I had been cherishing were really at the forefront of thought. It was a joyous evening.

I love that Association is right with us throughout the year, and it was a place to turn again that early morning when I so very much needed it.