A quick healing on the way to Paris

Dulles Airport, November 2009In boarding area with my daughter and sixteen students and their parents, about ready to fly to Paris.  

All of a sudden I felt pain in my chest and arm, and began to sweat. It took me by surprise. Scared thoughts began to pour in: “What is going on with my heart?” “Am I going to keel over and mess up this trip?” 

I sat down and tuned out the group in order to get thoughts in line. I rejected the frightening ideas as no part of me or my thoughtjust impostors, nothing real.

Who am I, really? God’s creation, and therefore spiritual. What the material evidence seems to be is not the real me in any way. The material senses are clueless as to who I am, so there is no need to fear what those senses are trying to say. 

I embraced the idea of my perfection as God’s child. It made me smile.

All these thoughts helped dissipate the fear, and I felt fine.

After a short time, we boarded the plane. The whole incident was forgotten until after the trip, when I jotted it down in order to remember to write a testimony.