“All of a sudden, I was aware of the presence of divine Love. (Wow!)”

I have a healing to share about a tooth that was healed.

Here’s some background about this healing. Eight years ago, our church building was put up for sale. The members felt that our congregation was too small for such a large building. However, when someone was interested in buying, it never really happened. Eventually the building was taken off the market.

Then two years ago, I received a phone call from a woman who was very interested in buying the building, even willing to pay more than what we originally wanted. I took the request to the church membership, and they voted to sell the building.

I spent weekends with this woman so that she could see the church, make measurements, etc. But when it came down to the final closing, one of our members pushed not to sell. I might add that this was the same women who had pushed to sell the building eight years ago and had been in favor of selling it again.

The church wasn’t sold. I became resentful (and other baggage attached with it) because of the amount of time I had spent trying to sell the building.

Fast forward … Six months ago, I visited the dentist to have a filling replaced. A few weeks after the visit, the tooth started to hurt and became sensitive to the touch. The pain stopped after a day or two, only to return about two weeks later. This went on for a couple of months, until one day the side of my face started to swell.

I was praying and giving myself treatment, but wasn’t seeing any progress. I decided to call a practitioner. The first practitioner I called did not answer. I called a second practitioner, but his phone was no longer in service.

I was asking God for some guidance, when the thought came to call the woman who didn’t want to sell the church. I was obedient and called her. We talked for a few moments, and she said she would pray with me. We kept in touch each morning and talked about God and man’s purity and about the resistance to healing. The swelling of my face slowly started to shrink.

Five days after we began working together, I was driving to the car wash before church on Sunday. All of a sudden, I was aware of the presence of divine Love. (Wow!) A sense of humility soon followed, with tears flowing from my eyes. I knew that I was healed.  The resentment and all the other baggage just melted away.

My face is normal again and the tooth is fine.