“I clearly saw Mother as the child of God.”

This year I’ve experienced some healings with my mother that have been very important to me. Mother is not a Scientist, although she has been quick to recognize what it has done for my life. At my insistence, she has listened to the Lessons on CDs.

While I was First Reader, Mother seemed to have emergency after emergency, and always on Sunday or Wednesday. Usually it was easy to see through them as tricks to keep me off the platform. They didn’t succeed.

Last year she had a knee replacement. There were difficulties that started a series of surgeries. Eventually there were medical opinions from four different surgeons insisting that her leg had to be amputated. I refused permission. I was devastated at the possibility, but also greatly fearful at my decision not to let them touch her.

During one examination, the surgeon turned her leg in a way that caused great pain. Nothing seemed to help, and finally they were administering heavy narcotics. From that point on, I was unable to recognize her as my mother. She began screaming “Help” nonstop. At night she might fall asleep for an hour or so, then the yelling would continue. Even when she was being force-fed by spoon, she yelled between bites. It was truly horrible.

I began some heavy study. Every morning I would study for about an hour and a half. And then in the evening, I would study again from the moment I got home until bed. (I ate while studying.) I didn’t turn the TV on for a month—a record for me. 

At the end of three weeks of study, I came out of the Wednesday noon meeting to a phone message saying that Mother had been rushed to the nearest hospital as “non-responsive.” When I called my sister, she told me that they had vigorously shaken Mother and even slapped her, but there was no response.

I will say I was uncharacteristically unmoved. I saw the situation as just another aggressive attack to keep me off the platform that evening. I said to myself, “If Mother decides to pass on this afternoon, I will tell no one. And I will conduct the evening meeting.” I was completely at peace after I had taken that mental stand.

When I arrived at the emergency room, I didn’t have to ask where Mother was. I could hear her yelling. At least I knew she was alive. When I asked what had been done, they said they simply had given her some fluids. No medicines, CPR, etc. But the yelling continued.

Then in my fourth week of study, I had a major breakthrough. I clearly saw Mother as the child of God. She reflects everything that He is. Everything. 

It was the day after Christmas. Mother was again in the hospital. I entered her room early in the morning, and she was peacefully asleep. I just sat down and acknowledged the One Mind as having all power. She began to awaken. I braced myself for the yelling to begin. Instead, a very sweet light voice asked for a drink of water. My mother was back. The yelling never returned.

No amputation was necessary.  Although my mother passed on some time after this experience, I felt that it had taught me a great deal.  I am so grateful for this breakthrough in studying. A few weeks later, a Christian Scientist called me for metaphysical help. My experience with Mother gave me the confidence to take the case.