Chain of healings

Recently I’ve been realizing how important it is to recognize and share my healings with other church members. Sharing encourages other members and helps us all to grow. 

Over the past year I’ve been working with the healings posted on our Association website. Two healings were of particular interest. One was a healing posted in June, called “All of a sudden, I was aware of the presence of divine Love. (Wow!)” That letter described how praying with a fellow church member resolved feelings of resentment and healed the symptoms of a severe dental problem. The second testimony, posted in November, was called “Thought needed to shift, and it did.” In that testimony, a second Association member reported a healing of what may have been an abscessed tooth, making specific mention of the previous testimony. Both testimonies gave a very strong sense of the power of the Christ to resolve all issues, however solid and difficult they appeared. And I loved seeing how the testimonies on our website were helping to support the growth of our members.

These healings were fresh in thought when I began to experience pain in my own mouth; the pain continued for several days and kept me awake at night. Although at first I was tempted with self-diagnosis, I soon recognized that the problem was too much emphasis on symptoms and not enough recognition of God’s ever-present love. I came to see that I had not been adequately handling animal magnetism—the aggressive suggestion that reading descriptions of physical symptoms could cause those symptoms to manifest themselves on me.

I worked with a practitioner who provided solid support, and my healing was swift and complete. Of course, I was very grateful and soon gave a testimony about my healing at a Wednesday evening meeting. But because the healing was prompt, I didn’t take the time to record the specific details of the experience. In a sense, I let the healing fade away.

Then two weeks ago, a member of my branch church gave a testimony that woke me up. She said that for a couple of weeks she had been suffering from a pain in her mouth that seemed to be an abscess; in the past, a similar condition had required significant dental work. She was ushering on the night when I gave my testimony. That testimony was a turning point for her, helping her to understand more about the unreality of matter and the true nature reality. Very soon she, too, was completely healed. When she next visited her dentist for a cleaning, he even commended her for taking such good care of her teeth.

As I listened to her testimony, the details of my own experience flooded back. I was amazed to realize that giving my testimony had helped the movement grow. (Who, me?) In fact, all four of these healings were connected in a chain of light, one glimpse of light illuminating the path for the next member. I felt in awe of the power of the Christ—not that I had done the work, but that my demonstration had allowed the light to spread. So the chain of healing continues. It’s hard to imagine a more satisfying form of Christian fellowship than bearing witness to the healing Christ.