Comments on Chain of Healings

I am so grateful for this email.   Our Association, and the healings that have been powerfully shared by my fellow Association mates, have provided me with such a comforting sense of spiritual linkage that has blessed, buoyed and healed.

I LOVED how the writer of this most recent fruitage refers to the healings being connected in a “chain of light”.  The imagery of the strength of spiritual links emblazoned by divine, healing light is powerful.

Thank you for sharing this most precious “New Year” gift.

In our church there has been talk of the need for more  “fellowship”, and the consideration of having “coffees” after services to accommodate this need.  How grateful I was to read in this new fruitage, “It’s hard to imagine a more satisfying form of Christian fellowship than being witness to the Christ.”   I feel renewed in my efforts to pray about this situation.

Thank you for sharing your continual teaching and nurturing Skip, I am deeply grateful.

Debbie Gipson, 1993