“Love and Mind had done all the working, knowing, running, finding, and returning for me.”

The fruitage on the Association website is so very helpful. It’s like a hearty meal to a starving man. One of the accounts brought back a healing that I’m moved to share. I’m touched every time I recall it.

A few years ago, I was doing a design project in New York City. I had spent the entire day with a client looking at and photographing furniture for her home. Late in the evening, a cab dropped me off at the back door of the hotel where there was no doorman. As the cab sped off, I realized I had left my camera in the cab. That camera seemed to contain a record of everything we had done that day and everything we were going to discuss the next day.

Because this particular client was not exactly “easy going,” I had been praying constantly that day about supply and demand being one and how there was nothing missing in any of God’s projects. I had kept my thought so with God that I was uncharacteristically calm when I realized my camera was gone, even though I knew this client would be unyielding in her condemnation.

I stood still for a moment, listening for what to do next. Suddenly the cab stopped for a red light at the next intersection. Thinking this was my demonstration, I ran with my heavy suitcase and briefcase in tow. (I’m not athletic!) I ran for about half a block. Then the light turned green, and the cab was off at lightning speed. Now what to do?

I prayed to know that there really is only one Mind governing every single motion and action in Its own universe. I was still calm. I knew the name of the cab company, but not the license plate. The only thing I could think of was to ask the man at the hotel desk to call the cab company and ask them about it. Humanly, of course, this seemed ridiculous. But I wasn’t buying into “humanly.”

As I approached the hotel desk, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around. There was a young man, and in his outstretched hand was my camera! My mouth opened and dropped, but I was speechless. He said, “I saw you running and knew you had left something important in the cab, so I ran to get it for you.”

When I started breathing again, I offered him money. But he refused. He just genuinely wanted to express love. He gave me the camera and left.

Love and Mind had done all the working, knowing, running, finding, and returning for me. I am still so grateful.