“Simply knowing the Truth instead of looking for the Truth”

I recently was faced with a challenge at work that required me to stop “looking” at the situation and go back to basics. One measurement of my job is based on customer surveys that rate the level of professional service we provide to them. Several months ago the rating for my location had drastically dropped.  After several weeks of trying to work from a metaphysical standpoint, the score continued to drop to an unsatisfactory level but more importantly the morale of my team started to reach an all-time low as well. In frustration I spoke with a practitioner who quickly told me to stop the metaphysical work and go back to the beginning. I needed to start with God and know that He was in this place. It was this simple but powerful and true idea that lifted me and my thought to the rightness of the situation and I was able to “look” at it in the light of Truth and Love.

Each day thereafter I went into work knowing that God was in this place and because He was there, only Love, Truth, and harmony could be revealed. Within several weeks we saw an increase from our all time low of 74 to 81. Every time a thought tried to enter in to challenge the right idea I would insist on knowing the simple truth that God was there and only Love prevailed. I am happy to say that this week which is a little over a month of simply “knowing” the Truth instead of “looking” for the Truth we have reached a never before perfect score of 100 in providing our customers with professional treatment.

This is a true demonstration of perfect Love bringing complete harmony to a situation that appeared to be discordant. I am blessed to see how wonderful knowing God’s Love is everpresent reveals itself through so many individual thoughts, actions, and perceptions. The wonderful thing about this demonstration is that my company wanted me to manage my associates by constantly correcting their behaviors with each customer. Through Christian Science, the end result came not from human actions but from divine Mind.