Another healing for Bob the cat

When our cat Bob was healed of an injury from a catfight, I testified to it at a Wednesday evening service and also in Association fruitage.

A week after that, Bob came home in distress. He’d been brutally injured by something that thought he tasted good. Since he didn’t seem to be breathing well (seemed like a neck or throat injury), I decided to call a practitioner for support. I left Bob in my older son’s care while I made the call. My son and I were both trying to figure out what we could do for Bob. Then I realized that when I feel this way in my Christian Science nursing practice, it is because I’m not putting what I know about God and His idea first. My son brought me a Science and Health and a Christian Science Hymnal and I read aloud.

I was scheduled to meet a visitor at the Reading Room, so my son agreed to watch Bob. When I got home, my son told me what he’d discovered on the Internet about what he thought Bob’s situation to be. He even suggested that we take Bob to a vet. Poor guy! I let my son have it, reminding him that we have to decide where we stand and not waver.

At that point, I called my husband to mediate. We agreed that since Bob was doing better, we would reassess the situation in the morning.

The practitioner was informed and we all dug in prayerfully. In the morning, the idea came to offer Bob some chicken-flavored baby food. He managed to swallow the baby food, but didn’t drink any water. The subject of taking him to the vet didn’t come up again, and I was grateful.

Later that morning, Bob was resting but making snoring sounds, which he never does. (By this point he was very mangy. He wouldn’t allow me to wash him, so I’d cut away gobs of bloody fur.) Bob’s physical condition got me concerned and a bit mesmerized. When I called the practitioner, I only reported this unnatural focusing on the picture.

Very shortly, I felt free, and it wasn’t long before Bob was drinking. However, he didn’t seem to be able to open his jaw without gagging and he wasn’t talking at all.

The next morning he woke us with a resounding meow and seemed normal in every way. He’d washed himself and there was no evidence of injury.

It was a wonderful healing to witness, since it seemed that he was passing on when he first came in. It was a very quick and complete healing.