“It is the Truth that sets us free, and not complex argument from a healer.”

I live next door to my parents. My dad has had some struggles this past year, and it seems wise to have a family member nearby to help out.

One noon I got a call from my mother, who simply said, “Drive down to the empty lot, your father needs your help.” I realized Christian Science was needed, though not asked for then. All that came to mind was “There is one perfect God and perfect man.”

I arrived at the lot a minute later and found my dad, with my mother sitting next to him. My dad had collapsed while working in the heat. He had called my mother, who brought water. Apparently he had thrown up after trying to drink. I helped my dad up, into the car, and drove him home.

My parents had been unable to reach my dad’s teacher, so they asked me to work for him. I held to God—or to be more accurate, was held by God, Mind.

My dad showered and cleaned up. When he came out, he said that he had sat in poison ivy and his arm was itching. I almost chuckled (not out loud) as it was clear to me this was just error and fear trying to overwhelm his consciousness.

Later that day I asked if he still wanted support. He said “nope,” everything was fine. It wasn’t until he gave a testimony on Wednesday that I heard the whole healing.

When my dad asked me for continued metaphysical support, he didn’t mention that his whole arm had developed a poison-ivy rash. I didn’t dwell on the problem, or handle the fear of rash, or anything overly complex. I simply recognized that it was an imposition, a foolish fear that was not necessary. The result was that within 10 to 30 minutes of asking for my prayerful help, the rash was completely gone, with no signs it had been there.

This healing, of course, demonstrates it is the Truth that sets us free, and not complex argument from a healer treating a “person.” This re-emphasizes Mrs. Eddy’s words, “That individual is the best healer who asserts himself the least…” (Mis. 59:26–27).