“Love is the doorway to healing”

Two recent healings in my business that have taught me a lot.

As part of my business I set up a video production company and managed to get a big-name company as our first client. I brought in a small team to work on the project, but it went horribly wrong. A couple of people were terribly unreliable and produced a very bad product, very late.

I was absolutely mortified to see the product, particularly as this was the first thing we had produced for this very big, potentially very useful client. I didn’t want the client to see the video, but I had to say something quite quickly and didn’t know what to do. I got far more upset about the situation than I should have done, even having disturbed nights because of it.

Finally I rang a practitioner friend, saying that I needed to get a calm view on this. We talked about the Golden Rule and how obeying it cuts through confusion and wrong. My friend told me not to waste time feeling embarrassed, but to think of the Golden Rule and do for the client what I would want done for me. She also mentioned the story of Hagar in the Bible—that Hagar’s love opened up her thought to the presence of God, showing her the answer to what seemed an impossible situation.

This simple, Christ-like thought broke the mesmerism for me and enabled me to phone the client and tell her that I didn’t feel the video was of good enough quality for her company. She actually thanked me for saying it! I was really grateful because it was a complete turnaround of what I had thought the outcome would be. In fact, my company then made another film using a different team, and the client loved it. Since then we have had a second commission from the client and one more is in the pipeline

From this experience I have learned a few big lessons, including turning more regularly and humbly to God before I make decisions on anything. Also, I am realising more and more how utterly essential and all-important love is in healing and living.

A few weeks ago, I felt very low and reached out for truth. A well-known sentence from that week’s Lesson came to mind: “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals.” (S&H 476:32–2)  I realised for the first time that it meant “Jesus beheld in love the perfect man…” I had been studying the first few pages of the chapter “Christian Science Practice” and thinking again of the great, great love the Magdalene had for the Christ and how love is the doorway and the whole path to healing. For a long time I had been thinking of the word Science as meaning “truth,” but never as “love.” This thought has opened up so many more possibilities for healing.

In looking back over another experience in my business, I have realised that it was love that facilitated the removal of a member of my team. This man was someone I should not have hired. After three months, I realised that I had made a big mistake and knew that he had to go. However, I felt a lot of affection for him and recognised that he had done some very good things, so I didn’t feel any anger or resentment towards him. Even when I thought of the harmful things he had done, I felt no rancour.

In my country, firing employees is quite difficult and can involve expensive legal processes if you get it wrong. I worried about how to shift him and prayed earnestly, knowing that God was the ruler and would make the situation right, whatever the outcome was supposed to be. In about a month, this employee decided to move on to something that was better for him.

Looking back, I realise that because I felt only affection for him, my prayers were effective. There was nothing to block the truth in my thought and the door was opened for good. This has shown me why some other issues have not been healed, even though I have thought I have prayed. Without actual love, the door is still closed. There’s no option. We have to have Christ-like love if we’re going to have healing.