“My friend has finally had her OWN demonstration”

A couple of years ago, I introduced a friend to Christian Science. She has accepted the basic Principle and rules and found freedom from fear. With metaphysical support, she has driven long distances safely and harmoniously and found work and places to live. 

While I was taking class instruction, I treated this woman for dozens and dozens of fire ant bites. She was amazed that the pain went away soon after she called and that she didn’t have scars, as locals had informed her she would. Later, though, she forgot how much of a healing it had been—the sieve of mortal mind sieve of mortal mind that we talked about in class.]

Well, my friend has finally had her OWN demonstration without me or another practitioner supporting her. Her older boy, an elementary school child, took a sparkler from a much younger child. Apparently he grabbed it the wrong way and burnt his hand. His mom took him inside and “read to him from Health and Science.” (She’s still new to the study of Science, as you can tell.) Her son told her he liked it. As I understand, the pain diminished or went away entirely. When he woke up the next morning, her son came to her and very excitedly said, “Look, Mom, the burn is all gone!” 

This was the first demonstration she has had on her own. It was simply through reading the truth. The textbook did the work, as Mary Baker Eddy tells us it will! What a wonderful thing!