Sharing Science and Health with a mother who is not a Christian Scientist (mine)

I wanted to share a recent experience I had with my mother, who is not a Christian Scientist. During a recent visit with my family, my mom began to not feel well. After the family tried to comfort her in various ways, I asked if she would like me to read to her from Science and Health, as she has found comfort from it in the past. She agreed, and we ended up spending several hours together reading Science and Health, articles on divine Love, hymns, and feeling the presence of divine Love. She seemed to feel more comforted and at peace.

She did end up getting a diagnosis for her illness, and she also asked me to pray for her daily. I prayed for her in general, as she is also on medicine, for several weeks. It also came to me to ask her if she might like to read Science and Health, a few pages each day. She indicated that she would like to, and has been reading a couple of pages almost daily. She has recently indicated that she is feeling better and that I only need to pray for her twice a week.

I am grateful for this opportunity to support my mom in this way and to feel more of a sense of divine Love’s care for her and of her relationship with divine Love.