“The claim was diagnosed by modern-day medical equipment”

A couple of years ago I seemed to have a problem with a knee that those who adhere to medical belief would say required surgery.  It was said that without surgery I would never be able to walk without a limp.  During the next two years, however, I never even wore a brace on my leg when participating in athletics.  I never did anything like what those who adhere to medical belief would call rehabilitation exercises.  The seeming problem has been entirely healed through Christian Science.  I am completely free of any difficulty whatsoever.  This is said only after having participated in athletics time and time again, including professionally.  I have had as complete and total freedom as I have ever had in my entire life and have had it day after day. 

I should mention that at one point I was in a position where I had an obligation to a potential employer to get a medical diagnosis.  The claim was diagnosed by the modern-day medical equipment as what it was thought to have been—something that supposedly required surgery.  It did not require it.  On page 44 of Science and Health Mrs. Eddy says:  “Could it be called supernatural for the God of nature to sustain Jesus in his proof of man’s truly derived power?  It was a method of surgery beyond material art, but it was not a supernatural act.  On the contrary, it was a divinely natural act, whereby divinity brought to humanity the understanding of the Christ-healing and revealed a method infinitely above that of human invention.” 

I am very grateful for the help of a Christian Science practitioner during this time.  And I would also like to add that although I did not play in an organized game against other players for over a year and although a contract I had signed to play professionally was voided due to the circumstances, I feel like I couldn’t have been any more blessed during that time or now all because of Christian Science.