This new light gave me all I needed to deny the suggestions

The Association day and the address were wonderful.  But the alerting of thought to dualistic tendencies (to thinking we have our own mind to accomplish good), the importance of spiritual understanding and staying all day with Science and recognizing that it is Science that heals—all of this is giving me new impetus and joy.

A few weeks before time to come to Boston, I began to have pains in my lower organs.  Fear tempted me to think I might not be able to come after all.  We did make the trip; we did come.  I called a practitioner for support the day before the meeting.  That evening I thought of Elisha, Gehazi, and the Syrian forces surrounding them.  I thought of the practitioner as Elisha, the patient as Gehazi, and the surrounding forces as the aggressive arguments of a.m. claiming to terrify and keep me and all from the great blessings of that day.  I saw that the practitioner was working that my eyes be opened to see the mighty, protective forces of God for all the next day—for the clear vision of the present, unfailing care of divine Love.  Early Saturday morning when I awoke, the fear was gone, the pain was gone, and so effortlessly, unexpectedly the thought came that I could not defend myself with my own mind nor could I work prayerfully for the Association day with my own mind. God, the one and only infinite divine Mind was doing it all.  He was embracing us all, protecting us all, and supplying every need of every member.  When the section of the address spoke about dualism, I was saying, “Wow”.

There were suggestions during the day of this and that, but this new light gave me all I needed to deny them. It was a holy, perfect day. 

I just wanted to mention that the assignment to read the section on Science in S&H brought a very simple but important fact out to me more clearly.  On page 115, Mrs. Eddy gives “The Scientific Translation of Immortal Mind.”  I knew this, but I saw that man was an essential part of that definition Mind and its idea, man.  Mind and its infinite manifestation.  Also, when studying the citations, I had put at the end of the printout of the citations the conviction that I must live more consciously, consistently in this revealed Truth.  So, when you spoke in the 8th section of the address, and repeated it for us to feel the urgency of our need live Science daily, I saw that we all were to press on toward this goal more diligently as our way to healing.