Corporate Mentality Overcome

As part of my job several times a year my staff and I have an internal audit conducted to ensure we are in compliance in our day-to-day tasks working within the bank. Traditionally we have the same person that comes to audit us, but this past March we were assigned a new individual to conduct this audit. From the moment he stepped into our office he was confrontational, militant, disdaining, and unkind. We experienced this throughout the entire day only to be told in the end that we had failed our audit and failed it miserably. For me in that moment it was devastating and let’s just say that I did not respond with love and kindness. I was crying, I was angry, and I was feeling like a victim.

For over a week I was ridden with anxiety and a sense of failure and a sense of being set up to fail.  Then I read something that Mrs. Eddy had said to Laura Sargent as the way to escape from belief of pain and the flesh. She said “Put away all selfishness out of your thought, such as thinking you have been wronged, or any sense of injustice or any ingratitude from others. Bury it out of sight forever, and let Love pour in where that seemed to be. Forgive as you expect to be forgiven. Take courage from every experience and power will be yours.” This set me free in an instant and made me realize I needed to let go of all that I was feeling and replace it with Love.

I continued to work through the next several months to know that this “extremity was God’s opportunity” (SH 266:14-15) and that “trials are proofs of God’s care (SH 66-10-11). I worked to know that this man was also a child of God and was not outside of the kingdom of Heaven. That he too was governed by Mind and could only express divine Love. Through the months following we took the necessary human steps to ensure that we were doing things right.

Because mortal mind did not like the spiritual progress being made, it tried to come in the form of recurring mistakes among my associates that could impact the outcome of our next audit in a negative way. This went on for several weeks, until I decided to talk with my practitioner regarding this attack. She told me there is no fatal mistake, and that we could know that each one of my associates has what they need every day to do the right thing. Within a week all signs of errors or mistakes had disappeared, and we worked together like a well-oiled machine.

As the months passed I purposed to stay diligent in this particular work knowing that at any moment we could receive another audit, as we are not told when we will receive an audit. Well, the day finally came in July when the gentleman arrived at our office for another audit. Except this time was a complete demonstration of Christian Science. The moment the auditor walked in he expressed a gentler spirit and a more helpful attitude. I also had that quiet peace about me as I was confident that God was with us and Love was abiding.

The gentleman expressed the complete opposite of what he had the last time, as if he was responding to Love. For this to happen in a corporate environment is outstanding and rare. He actually said to me at the beginning of the day that he was looking forward to me having “happy tears” this time around and offered to buy me a coffee. At the end of the day we not only passed our audit but received an excellent rating! I was humbled and blessed to see this wonderful demonstration unfold before my very eyes, knowing the spiritual work I had done for all those months. I saw the positive results of our audit and also saw the change in this man’s countenance in the process.