“He happily acknowledged God had brought full healing again.”

I received a call for help from an elementary school student who was at the home of a non-Science parent. He had collided with his brother on a trampoline. His new front teeth were loosened and pushed out of place. Pain and some fear of possible loss of them.

Shared he could never fall out of God’s love. He holds us perfect in His love. Since the boy had just moved, mentioned that God has a right place for every one of his ideas (including him), so he could never be out of his right place—couldn’t be displaced or misplaced or lose his place—and that was true of every idea of God, including him and his brother…and his teeth, which were also God-given right ideas with a needful purpose.

Mom praying too. Pain lessened quickly.

Next day he was better, but a bit afraid to eat hard things, and teeth still not wholly back in position.

Dealt with world skepticism of healing. Kingdom at hand. Saw fear couldn’t stop God’s action and fruition from being fully evident. Full restoration by end of day.

Following day some fear of future damage and reluctant to put in mouth guard for sports. His mom prayed and he went forward.

He happily acknowledged God had brought full healing again.