Son’s fever healed by handling fear of contagion

I want to tell you about a wonderful healing. Yesterday my son complained that he didn’t feel very good, so I encouraged him to rest and continued with my busy day, giving his complaint little thought. In the evening my mother (not a student of Science) came over to be with the kids while my husband and I went out for dinner. When we got home and were bidding my mother goodnight, she touched my son and discovered he was very warm to the touch. I felt the fever, too. My mother was very concerned that the mosquito-borne disease EEE could be the cause. I assured my mother that I would take care of my son and ushered her out as quickly as I could, but I was fearful.

I held my son while I contemplated my options. I knew the best choice was to call a practitioner. As it was late here, my husband called a practitioner friend on the West Coast and left a message on his answering machine.

My husband put our daughter to bed and I took my son to bed with me. I prayed aloud the Scientific Statement of Being and the Lord’s Prayer, and then I prayed aloud some more. It calmed us both. My son was relaxed, but still hot to the touch. After he fell asleep, I left the bed.

I was feeling fearful about this dreaded disease, which has been lethal in some cases. I talked with my husband, and we agreed that relying on scientific prayer was the safest, most effective means of healing the situation. It was clear to him that this popular disease seemed to be impressed upon the thought of the adults in our community.

It came to me to “lean on the Association.” I don’t think I’d ever had this thought before! So I called a practitioner in our Association and left a message with her. Though I did not hear back from her, I felt more at ease as I tucked in next to my feverish child.

I held his hand as we slept, waking often to check his situation. Not very far into the night, maybe at midnight or so, his fever broke. What relief and gratitude! In the morning the practitioner called and informed me that she had been working, getting straight to work and letting the work speak for itself. Alleluia! What a blessed morning.

The practitioner used a passage from Science and Health which she shared with me: “The transmission of disease or of certain idiosyncrasies of mortal mind would be impossible if this great fact of being were learned,—namely, that nothing inharmonious can enter being, for Life is God” (S&H 228:3–6). Amazingly this passage was part of the week’s Bible Lesson.