“Thanksgiving and Christmas have been great with no hint of depression. Only joy.”

Before I came into Science a number of years ago, I had a problem with being alone. I feared and dreaded it, as it could often turn into depression. After I discovered Science, the problem mostly went away.

Then during an 18-month period, I lost eight people in my life, including all the remaining members of my immediate family (within 24 hours), a favorite cousin, and my college roommate. I worked with a practitioner and thought I had handled the fear of being alone, but it started to creep back in. It seemed especially acute when I traveled, so I would try to book every moment ahead of time.

This fall I had to make a business trip to a city that I like a lot, so I planned an extra couple of days there. I wasn’t worried, since I have a number of friends in that city. But a couple of days before the trip, friends began canceling. Suddenly I was left with a lot of time on my hands—alone! I was frightened enough that I considered changing my plans and returning early, but it wasn’t possible.

At church that Wednesday night, the first citation from Science and Health was: “Would existence without personal friends be to you a blank? Then the time will come when you will be solitary, left without sympathy; but this seeming vacuum is already filled with divine Love. When this hour of development comes, even if you cling to a sense of personal joys, spiritual Love will force you to accept what best promotes your growth” (S&H 266:6–12). What is comforting is that Mrs. Eddy goes on to say that she has also experienced this prophecy and its blessings.

I knew that the service and that citation were directly from God to me, but the healing didn’t come at that instant. Later in the service, during one of the testimonies, it came to me as clearly as a human voice, “Good does not come through person.” It was an instantaneous healing. The fear and anxiety left completely and I was at peace.

The trip turned out great. My client had planned so many activities that I was wishing for more time on my own! Not only did this realization get me through the trip, but it has also gotten me through those sometimes-treacherous things called holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas have been great with no hint of depression. Only joy.