“As it turns out, God had a much bigger, better, and fuller plan”

I wanted to share some recent demonstrations of God’s goodness and provision and safety.

After one Association, I started praying in earnest about the practice.  In order to have more time to help people metaphysically and also in any way I could, I resigned from a very senior position within a global company, where I had worked for many years.  I explained the reason for my decision and agreed to an 18-month handover to ensure that everything was done as graciously and harmoniously as possible.  I felt that my motive was good and that they would want to do the right and principled thing. 

At the end of the 18-month period, their behavior was rather shocking.  Whilst they were generous in some ways, they withheld a significant number of things, like shares and stock options, which I had been sure would be granted.  I ended up feeling penalized and unsettled and unappreciated. 

So I prayed about it.  For a number of months I had many opportunities to get up and start working in the middle of the night, as I continued to feel very unsettled and disappointed.  However I knew I had several things to be sure about, for there is a Law of God to support each idea:

  • We are never punished for doing the right thing.
  • When God leads us to do something, we don’t make mistakes.
  • God’s plan is complete and full and safe—every detail.
  • When we give up a personal sense of things and trust God wholeheartedly, we can and must prove that God pours out blessings so large and so wonderful that there is not room enough to receive them.
  • When we feel disappointed, the healing balm is always to Love more.  When mortal mind suggests those feelings and thoughts, they are not of God and therefore are not valid. 
  • God takes us all the way, and we are always safe when following His direction.
  • There is only one Mind and we all are obedient to that Mind.
  • Human outlining does not come up with a better solution than the one all-powerful infinite Mind.
  • Our good, identity, and supply come from God.

These prayers relate to each and every one of us, and yes, I had to pray really hard to see that they encompassed all at the company too.

I loved the story of David and Goliath.  I was feeling very small compared to the army of 800 from the company.  So I just kept loving all and trusting that all would be well.  There were so many wonderful thoughts that came, and I am so grateful for each and every one of them.

One day whilst being quiet and prayerful, I felt a certain sense of reassurance that I could, in fact, be obedient to my Father-Mother’s plan and that it would unfold in a gentle and seamless way.  I was healed.  I just felt so free and grateful and knew that the healing was complete.

At that moment, the phone rang.  It was a friend, asking if I would mind showing my home to some friends of hers. (I had been working on restoring my home for the last two years.)  Her friends loved the house, specifically commenting on the feeling of peace and harmony.  Now we have agreed upon the sale of the house.  The end result is that I have sold my house at a full price without ever putting it on the market or having any thought to do so, and they have bought a house when they weren’t looking.

I should also note that the uplift on the sale exceeds everything that seemingly had been withheld by the company.  After all my prayer, I had thought that maybe the company would have a change of heart.  As it turns out, God had a much bigger, better, and fuller plan.

I’m still praying about moving toward the practice and just wanted to share God’s tender loving support and encouragement.  I am so grateful to be listening and following and rejoicing that I can hardly find words.