“I felt the pain just draining away”

I was grateful for a healing that occurred this week that came about through my own prayers.

I noticed throughout a work day that the symptoms of a headache were coming on.  When I got home later in the day I was feeling quite unwell.  I have had headaches in the past and for a time quite frequently, but with the help of a practitioner and my own prayers the claim had been met.  But the familiar feelings of pain, accompanied with nausea, plus any bright light being uncomfortable were swimming in thought. 

I feel I have learned a lot lately about praying for myself, and although I thought about calling a practitioner I continued the work on my own.  For me this meant going forward with my regular activities of the evening and not letting physical sensations take ownership.  I was able to make a pot of soup, eat dinner with no aftereffects, and took a call from a family member.  In this call I sensed the family member was down and feeling blue.  I maintained expectancy and joy in my own conversation with her and didn’t let my own discomfort get in the way.  I have seen lately that unselfed love is a potent remedy for healing. 

When I got off the phone, however, I knew I needed to do something more as I was feeling quite badly.  To be honest, all I wanted to do was go to bed.   As I said in a testimony about the healing the next night at church, “At that point I really asked God for help.  I needed something simple to work with.”  The answer came, “the compilation.”  I picked up the assignment compilation of testimonies we received a few years back for Association.  After reading a little from the front I turned directly to the back as I love the last testimony so much, about joy being felt despite the outward evidence. I began reading the four last testimonies of the book.  I began the reading leaning against the couch arm in a sleepy manner.  I sat up.  This seemed a better position, not for the claim, but for me and prayer.  As I began reading, and dwelling with the ideas on the printed page, I began to feel I could pray for myself the first time that evening.  The angel thoughts of healing came rushing in.  And I worked with each and every one of them.  By the time I got to the favorite healing of mine at the back of the book I was healed.  I had felt the pain just draining away.  I got up, really rejoicing. 

I took the shower that seemed impossible an hour before.  I made the bag lunch for the next day, which had seemed too much of an effort awhile ago.  I really was so grateful.  I was smiling there all alone in the house.  I was grateful to see the efficacy of Science in action and that I could pray and see the results.  I was also so grateful for the compilation of testimonies from Association, as it had such an important part in the healing.