“Father, what would you have me to do?”

After my divorce three years ago my income unexpectedly fell to a third of what it had been supposed to be.  Obviously I prayed a lot!  Despite the fact that there were some months when, on paper at least, I didn’t have enough money to meet my outgoings, somehow funds always showed up from somewhere without any human effort on my part.  Last year it seemed clear to me that there was no way that I could pay my tax bill for 2013.  I delayed filing my taxes, and in the early part of the year had some help from a practitioner about the general health and management of the family business, but by mid-summer when I knew I had to file my tax return I still had no idea how I could pay. 

I had been praying on a regular basis for guidance, but one day I asked, “Father what would you have me to do?”  Immediately the thought came to contact my mortgage bank and ask if I could increase my equity line of credit.  The line was increased and came through two days before I needed to pay the taxes.  There was also sufficient availability under the line to pay for some totally unexpected but necessary repair work.  At the end of 2014 the family business returned a profit for the first time in three years!  I was so grateful.