“I didn’t need my eyes to see!”

I was preparing to go to bed for the night.  As I walked out of my bathroom, I suddenly had difficulty seeing.  Although the lights were on, most of what I could see was darkness, with the exception of a very small space in my line of vision. I saw part of my bedroom door, and part of my desk near my bed.  I took my hand and brushed my hair out of my face, thinking that would help, only to find I still could not see everything.  As I carefully walked over to my bed my vision got dimmer and I could only see a piece of my pillow.  I felt the surface of the bed in order to guide myself to sit down.  As I made my way, I didn’t feel afraid.  It just was a clear calm sense that I was in God’s presence.   I thanked Him for being with me.  And I knew that he wouldn’t leave. 

I remembered what Mrs. Eddy says in her definition of “Eyes” on page 586 in Science and Health, “Spiritual discernment, — not material but mental.”  (I reasoned that this was so simple to understand: it was not reliance on material eyes for sight, it was the spiritual understanding that I inherently possessed because it was God given.  Knowing it couldn’t be taken away due to that clear fact, I stayed with that reassurance and I felt so loved and cared for.)  What also came to me was the statement Jesus makes in the Bible (Mark 8:18)  “Having eyes, see ye not?”  I didn’t need my eyes to see!  Within moments of this declaring, I could see everything.  The darkness just faded away.  The light that was always there wasn’t lost and it never faded.  I thanked God for His love and ever-presence.  The condition never returned.

Weeks later, I remembered having read a testimony some time ago in the Testimony Compilation (pp. 8-10) that Skip gave to us as our assignment a few years back.  A woman that had no eardrum or ear bones due to an operation, before turning to Science, could hear.  She didn’t have to rely on the material body for what she needed, her only need was to rely on God.  Proof once again, that we are God’s spiritual ideas reflecting Him!