“…my individuality could only be found as the 'daughter of Zion'”

Sometime last year, I was struck one morning with an intense stabbing pain in one of my ovaries.  It didn’t deter me from fulfilling my duties as a public practitioner because I knew in my heart of hearts healing was inevitable.  But that didn’t stop the painful material senses screaming for attention, as I went about my Father’s business.  Several days later, when the pain seemed to increase and move to the other ovary, it seemed necessary to call upon a fellow practitioner for immediate support.  His loving and gentle manner calmed my concerned thoughts instantaneously.  However, work needed to be done to expose the lie of false womanhood.  My healing of extreme menopause symptoms including severe hemorrhaging ten years earlier didn’t matter to mortal mind alias serpent/dragon.  It was arguing vehemently that it would use whatever was at hand in my experience to distract me from my life-purpose, to help heal others, by trying to make this permanent healing appear as a form of reversal.  Healing is everything to me!  It built our Cause and will continue to rebuild and revitalize our Church and Branches. 

In working with the practitioner, it was pointed out to study the article, Womanhood and “Christ’s all-conquering love.”  (CSJ, July 1985)  This article awakened a greater spiritual understanding of true womanhood than I had ever known.  I have read this article many times over the years, but now it was God demanding of me to understand His view of woman more deeply.  The writer brings out this demand beautifully, “If the demonstration of pure womanhood was central to the revelation of Christian Science, how essential it must also be to our own progress in comprehending and proving the Science of Christianity….Each of us must and can therefore demonstrate true womanhood through continuing spiritual progress.”  Now the writer makes clear that resistance haunts our progressive steps, “Spiritual progress by its nature, however, is confronted by the illusion of evil, the supposed opposite of God, good.  Mrs. Eddy found this to be the case as she went forward to establish Christian Science…The evil that would stubbornly oppose spirituality does fall before the recognition of the allness of Love…”

What a growing time!  The conviction that my individuality could only be found as the “daughter of Zion” and the woman of the Most High grew more real.  Thought expanded until the human view of a daughter repeating the ills of the mother yielded to the divine image, a woman of God’s creating, with strength and courage to move forward.  And Love was everywhere!

Well, I certainly couldn’t find my womanhood in a suffering material human form!  My true womanhood had awakened and responded to the Christ, Truth because it’s a spiritual true fact.  So my eyes were opened like Mary at the tomb to the spiritual reality and (from the same article) the “unquestionable supremacy of divine Love’s purpose.”

In Unity of Good, Mrs. Eddy strongly instructs us beautifully about our real selfhood through Truth in the following paragraph.

“Truth, defiant of error or matter, is Science, dispelling a false sense and leading man into the true sense of selfhood and Godhood; wherein the mortal does not develop the immortal, nor the material the spiritual, but wherein true manhood and womanhood go forth in the radianceof eternal being and its perfections, unchanged and unchangeable.” (Un. 42:24)

The problem lessened and fear was gone.  But it came and went for a few more months requiring Truth’s persistent defiance of error.  It may have been six months later.  I can’t tell you exactly when the inevitable healing occurred, but one day the realization dawned on me that I wasn’t thinking about pain anymore because the pain was simply gone.  Love for true womanhood had appeared and was real to me!!!