“I was helped a great deal by an account given from the floor discussion of the healing of shingles.”

Thank you so much for the beautiful spiritual meal for us last weekend. It was deeply meaningful to be together with our Association family to hear the address. The theme of coming home to our real self, instead of mortal mind's sense of personality separated from God, really spoke to me. And I've been pondering the "new Jesus" and feeling joyous about my oneness with God all week.

I'm still working my way through the 1943 Sentinel testimonies. I think the dangers and desperate circumstances of the war years did cause people to turn wholeheartedly to God's power and focus on the new view that Christian Science gives of what Life is. And I know that sense of urgency is needed now in order for us to grow and heal the way they did.

I meant to share this experience earlier – in last year's address I believe you said something like, "our human life history is just a record of what was or was not believed." I was helped a great deal by this thought and by an account given from the floor discussion of the healing of shingles where the member rejected the history of having had chicken pox. The ophthalmologist I go to for glasses has described the symptoms of retinal detachment and warned that if I experience these it's very serious and I should get medical help. My father had this problem treated with eye surgery. Over the years I've experienced some symptoms that seem like what the doctor described, but they've always been reversed through prayer. Last year they occurred again, on the flight to Boston and then during a break on Association Day. I was able to reject the suggestion and hold to the truth that God's goodness was the only thing going on. The symptoms stopped in a few minutes and haven't recurred since then. So grateful!