“You really can’t pray wrong; just pray!” 

A sweet healing this year took place with our granddaughter. We got a text from our daughter-in-law from her workplace one Friday morning that the middle school nurse had called to let her know that the child was not feeling well and needed to be picked up and cared for at home.

We were already planning to care for both grandchildren that weekend so our son and his wife could have a weekend away. Our daughter-in-law expressed concern about their plans to leave town but we weren’t worried about it. My husband picked our granddaughter up and brought her to our house. She looked unhappy and her complexion was an unhealthy looking gray!

Shortly after arriving at our house she vomited. She attends the Russian Orthodox church with her Mom but has attended the CS Sunday School a handful of times in years past. As a small child I always sang “O Gentle Presence” and “Shepherd” to her at bedtime whenever we visited. As I tucked her into bed I asked if I could pray for her while she napped. She agreed. I asked her to remember that God loves her and that He is right here. She affirmed, “I know that.” She fell asleep and I went downstairs to pray. At first I was concerned about “doing it right” considering her very different church background, but quickly the message came to me, “You really can’t pray wrong; just pray!” It was a joy to see her wrapped in infinite Love, in her Father-Mother’s tender care. It was very simple and in a little over an hour she woke up and said she felt absolutely fine. I quietly reminded her that prayer always works. Her face was her normal healthy color; she ate normally, played catch with her grandpa and her Mom and Dad enjoyed their weekend getaway.