“…ALL things are indeed possible to God.”

I would like to share a fantastic healing I have had over the last year.  It proved to me that there is no such thing as unanswered prayer and as we consistently claim patiently God’s goodness and Love and see our own true nature as a reflection of the all good and all loving and perfect God that we can see and claim our freedom from error of every kind.  This healing has been a very long time coming to human sense.  You may recall when I applied for class many years ago I struggled with the belief of addiction to smoking and you and I worked on it prior to class and I felt free enough to honestly attend such a joyous and blessed experience.  

Sadly over the last many years since, this is something I have struggled with often.  I have continued to love Church and Christian Science and have prayed daily for myself and others.  I have seen and helped in wonderful healings - but this I’m not proud to say has never been far away.  This healing has been very slow but I am so grateful and overjoyed to be able to say it is absolutely complete.  Hooray!

It’s hard to say what truth I saw or realized so completely to bring freedom because although the habit had been anywhere from one a day to 20 - it has fallen away so completely I hardly believe I ever smoked.  I did often pray to know that each prayer that was offered by me, a practitioner or by the congregations at each Church service was effective and immediate and would meet the need for whom ever had one.  I kept thinking that if all those prayers were sent to bless mankind that I would be included in that blessing even if I didn’t feel worthy.  I knew my prayers were sincere for the congregations in Church and worldwide and expected those prayers to be effective for others.  I began to reason that we have to be alert to praying for all mankind with the highest expectation and that healing would naturally flow and be evidenced.

I prayed to see my innocence and unfallen nature as a child of God and to know that error couldn’t try and use me to form a habit that was destructive and not honest in my application of Christian Science.   I do feel reformed and renewed.  I was confident that the “prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God.” (S&H, p.1)  I am so grateful for this wonderful healing.  I think one of the most compelling things was not to give up on expecting a healing even though to human sense it’s taken a long time.  The joy and freedom I feel can’t be put properly into words.  ALL things are indeed possible to God.