"I found the testimonies full of light, courage and inspiration."

I loved reading the Sentinel testimonies from 1943.  I thought that they would be dark and anxious because the world was engulfed in World War II, but I found them full of light, courage and inspiration.

I was astounded at the number of specific, detailed physical ailments that were healed through prayer and the number of challenging human relationships that were resolved by applying the truths of Christian Science.  I found on some occasions that the testimonies described a discordant situation similar to something I had experienced but accepted without protest, and could now pray and work about.  I had a healing of a growth under my fingernails that had bothered me for 20 years, but I never really challenged that erroneous belief until I read a healing of an identical problem in the that year’s Sentinel testimonies. 

I was also struck by the tremendous gratitude the writers expressed for class instruction, practitioners, and the Christian Science publications in nearly every testimony.