“…it referenced a healing that came through singing hymns.”

I wanted to share a healing experienced while reading the 1943 Sentinel testimonies of healing from our assignment.  I had a pain in my tooth intermittently for a few months. Through prayer, healing and practical steps unfolded, although, a few months ago the pain returned causing difficulty in eating, drinking, and inability to rest.  As I was reading one of the testimonies, it referenced a healing that came through singing hymns until release came.  I also thought about Paul and Silas who prayed and sang praises until their release, and expressions of gratitude and expectations of healing before a complete healing.  I decided to also read and sing hymns, and soon began to feel more of a sense of comfort and peace.  The pain ceased and I was able to sleep and rest well, and the pain has not returned.  I am grateful for this healing, and to learn more that we can trust and turn to God to bring comfort and release, and for the simplicity of this prayer. 

I am grateful for this opportunity to read these testimonies of healings, for the simple and strong trust in Truth, God exemplified, and for these examples of healing in difficult situations that we can learn more from and bring into our own situations and lives.