“…take the higher view.”

I just read your assignment message with the new (to us) in-flight service available these days as we are on our way for a trip west. 

What struck me right off the bat was what a wonderful impelling assignment to take the higher view - as one does in an airplane. In some work with church friends this past year, we have been prompted by the times to watch, read, and discuss some of the filmed and written stories and bios recounting the leaders as well as the ordinary people’s experiences during the war years, 1940-1945. 

All this has flooded thought upon reading your message asking us to look into what was going on in the lives of Christian Scientists in another time of horrific stress and apparently horrific experiences brought on by world-wide conflict. Thank you for sharing this inspiring assignment which lifts thought to the “wide horizon’s grander view.” (Hymn 218)  We look forward to getting started, and, as you pointed out, with our iPads with us on this trip, no need to wait!