“The human mind doesn’t have all the information but divine Mind knows all.”

I’m afraid I have not yet completed the 2015 assignment with respect to physical healing, but prayer for the “wisdom and occasion” led to ongoing work with a (now formerly) homeless stranger and valuable practice applying the lessons in guidance and protection I’ve experienced myself to another.

When this individual first stepped into our Reading Room last fall just to get warm and presented his woeful mortal picture, it was clear that any words I shared would just seem like empty platitudes without proof that God is Love. I began to pray to see that all of Mind’s ideas were working together to present that proof, and listen for what my individual part might be.

I have prayed over every request for assistance in that light, knowing that if God has not prepared me to meet a particular need it is either not a real need, not the right time, or someone else has been prepared to meet it.  For example, I could not take him into my home and maintain spiritual equilibrium, but a series of people were provided to do so.  When I was unable to provide financial support, I saw others directed by their own prayers to do so, telling him something like “I just felt I had to stop and give you this.”  But God had uniquely prepared me to provide a good deal of financial support without harm to myself when the request was right. A great deal of unselfing has been required - yielding self to God but not the control of another self. 

I am learning that the human mind never has all the information necessary to judge a situation, but divine Mind knows all.  The most interesting lesson has been finding the courage to stick with God’s direction when it doesn’t immediately make sense humanly.  One time I was clearly directed to deny a particular financial request for several days, and discovered later the man had wronged someone and God hadn’t let me respond until he’d apologized.  More recently when he finally got his own apartment and wanted to borrow some money for things at a yard sale, I knew it was unnecessary but not why – until another church member mentioned a friend who had a ministry of helping formerly homeless people get set up with everything they needed for free.  These sorts of things happen all the time in my own experience, but I’ve never had to communicate them to someone completely unfamiliar with Christian Science before.

I could go on and on but this is what told me it was time to send this report. A couple of weeks ago I felt led to not answer the phone late on a Sunday night.  The person I’d been helping was calling about getting a ride to an appointment first thing the next morning, so he had to walk and hitchhike a considerable distance instead.  No one would pick him up, and it looked like he was going to be late, and he was getting mad.  Then he said he just stopped in his tracks and knew the situation was in God’s hands and felt a sense of peace.  And at that moment someone pulled up behind him, gave him a ride, and he arrived on time.  His first small demonstration!

So much is still yet to unfold, but I am so grateful.