A healing of depressive and lonely thoughts

Question 1. In all honesty, do you feel differently about Christian Science healing and your own practice of Christian Science after completing the reading?

Yes, reading the testimonies in this year’s assignment (and many more articles in the Sentinel and Journal) has made me think much more about how Christian Science relates to our daily life. It shows how healing can be so natural. I am starting to understand how the spiritual reality of being is a present possibility that is right here with us.

One of the key ideas that came from reading the testimonies is that healing is just a change of thought. One quote that I love is on page 50, “…I came to the realization that I must replace mortal thinking with spiritual thinking…” On page 20, the pamphlet states “…fear and worry could be replaced….”

Another key feature that stands out to me is how close Christian Science can be to any person—it is not based on the situation that you are in. From class instruction, I remember the quote, “You are never in a circumstance.” As it says on page 2 of the pamphlet, “…the power of scientific prayer can and does protect those whom we know not, in situations of which we have no knowledge.”

After reading testimony after testimony after testimony, I feel inspired that I can be a healer right now. I can rely on God and put confidence in God. I feel like I go from being in the wrong place at the wrong time to the right place at the right time—all at the same location. After reading all the testimonies, I feel loved and cared for by God.


Question 2. Please share healing experiences that you feel have come about as a direct result of this new view of the serious practicality of Christian Science practice.

One healing, or change of thought, is of depressive and lonely thoughts. At times, I get depressed because it feels like I am just going through the same old routine every day. And I seem to get lonely when people don’t call me back or follow through on something that they said they would. I tend to think that I did something wrong or that I am not worth that much as a person.

However, after reading the testimonies, I understand that I don’t have to be depressed or lonely. I don’t have to rely on other people to be happy. I can be happy right where I am because God is right here. Many times now I have as much fun studying Christian Science on my own as I have when I am with other people, because I feel that I am getting close to the spiritual consciousness that we all strive for.

When I really think about it, I am in the perfect set-up to spend more hours during the day understanding Christian Science. I am able to start on what I really want to do right now. I want to be a healer. I want to understand God and how to live in our present world as best as possible. I would like to have the hardest job possible, the one that is most needed. One way to fulfill this is by working towards being a Christian Science practitioner.