“Standing on my understanding of God and moving forward with it”

I love keeping a list of my healings!  When facing a new challenge, it’s so great to be able to look back and think, “Wait, I can do this. This is no more real than all these other things I’ve faced.” The lion’s paw and bear’s paw, so to speak. To be able to put the new challenge in perspective and not be overwhelmed, as mortal mind would just love to do. 

One evening last month, I stumbled on some steps, twisting my foot. Of course I refused to accept this affront to God’s perfect order, and continued on my way, but limping and in pain. The next morning, I was shocked to discover my foot had swollen to the point where I could not put on a shoe. That’s when I really got down to work.

Since childhood, I’ve loved to walk, and I have loved the metaphysical idea of “feet” since an experience in college. Over a period of several months, I had a series of unrelated challenges with my feet: a bee sting when I stepped barefoot on a bee (that healing was instantaneous!), plantar warts on the bottom of my feet, and a third claim that I can’t even remember. That was when I thought, “Wait a minute, what’s going on with these feet? What are feet for, but two things: standing and moving forward.” 

Standing and moving forward were exactly what I WAS doing in my study of Christian Science. I was attending college in Boston, just basking in the joy of an active college organization and attending The Mother Church on Sundays and Wednesdays. Daily I was using my “feet” in the best way possible—standing on my understanding of God and moving forward with it. Rejoicing in this realization quickly healed the final college-era foot problem.

So there I was last month, faced with another seemingly injured foot. How wonderful it was to remember the idea of “standing and moving forward” that I had demonstrated so long ago.

I had a busy day, so I donned a pair of socks and sandals, which no one seemed to notice, and just clung to my heavenly Father-Mother for support. In the evening we were invited to dinner, and I was be able to wear my nicest high heel shoes with no problem. The swelling had just disappeared. And while the foot remained sensitive for some weeks, after that evening I was able to walk normally and without any pain.

Isn’t Mrs. Eddy’s discovery the greatest thing in the world!