Sharing my “slightly used” Science and Health with a friend

At the end of February, I spoke with a friend who works at the local YMCA. This friend had been ill for most of the winter and still was not feeling completely well. She told me how difficult it had been for her because pneumonia and “one thing after another” had left her feeling weak and vulnerable. She said to me, “It’s a terrible feeling not being able to do anything to counteract sickness, except pray that the medicine will work!
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“I felt myself yielding to the voice of Truth.”

When I first read the assignment, I had an attitude much like that of Lulu Blackman. Because I live in a town where I know absolutely no one, work from home, and have very little interaction with anyone other than my husband, I thought I was safely off the hook from our assignment to heal someone in need. But as I studied the references in preparation for Association day, this citation got me thinking back to both parts of the assignment:…
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“How readily people accept the pure truth when it’s stated clearly and without agenda.”

I have opened my heart and thought to accepting requests for healing and to seeing opportunity for healing. I have had requests from family, but none has come directly to me from a source outside my own circle. In an effort to prepare myself for better healing work, I have been re-reading Science and Health through consecutively. I began in December and have been reading very slowly, underlining a lot, and really digging in. It’s wonderful to drink in each sentence in my own time like this, and I can’t imagine that I will not reap the benefit of more spiritual fluency than I’ve experienced heretofore!
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“Neighbor’s daughter fully healed! Rejoicing in God’s goodness.”

February, 2011 News of God’s liberating power

A neighbor’s daughter has been in a mental hospital because they couldn’t balance her medicines and she was refusing to take any. She was reaching out, and I have been praying for her. I haven’t been able to see her because of her other illnesses, though I am in touch with her family. But nothing can stop prayer! God has been doing wondrous things, even though mortal mind, like Pharaoh, just doesn’t want to let people go.

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“I decided to be the Christian Scientist that I really was while participating in this community choir”

At Association several years ago you said that the next important step of progress for mankind was to learn to work together. Since hearing that statement, everything in my personal life and in the world at large has convinced me of the truth of those words.

For six years I have been a member of a black gospel choir. Last Christmas we put on a truly inspiring musical program that was pervaded by the Holy Spirit. Despite this success…

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My friend “raced home with the Sentinel…to share with her husband.”

I have some dear friends (not Christian Scientists) who recently got married. One night when I was at home, the wife rang, saying she needed to come and stay with me. I didn’t ask too many questions, but welcomed her with open arms. Amidst the tears, she explained that they felt they had made a terrible mistake. She wasn’t sure how long she would need a home, but didn’t know where else to go.
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Letting God do the Parenting

Supporting a neighbor

For ten weeks my neighbor seems to have been challenged by something the medical field hasn’t been able to diagnose. Last week she was VERY afraid. Although she is not a monotheist, I asked her if she believes that deity created her, because I believe that God created me and that He couldn’t mess up—He got it right. Therefore I believe that He is my Parent. Just as I would climb into my parent’s lap when I was a kid, I sometimes like to feel as though I’m climbing into God’s lap and turning everything over to Him. In a parent’s lap you can let go of all your concerns and know that you are being taken care of, that everything is under control.

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